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I would wreck my car if I drove by and saw this awesome green glider on someone's porch!

Look at that great lime green glider!gliders were cool! Spent warm afternoons sliding back and forth on the glider reading Nancy Drew.want to go to the beach!

i've been wishing my porch view had more garden stuff -- this is the perfect way to get that! love the square planters on the left.

"In My Dreams" Front Porches: Porch swing, black, yellow and white decor, plants thriving . The thriving plants is the dead giveaway that this A) is not my porch and B) will forever remain "in my dreams

1924 Radford - Dixon

1924 Radford Dixon Here's an uncommon plan for The Dixon by William A. Unlike the vast majority of houses designed for the middle class, the Dixon has dressing rooms (walk-in closets) for each bedroom plus a secondary closet.