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I will be. And I will help you get through it all. Even if I can't make you want to stop cutting or thinking about killing yourself, I'll sure as hell prevent you from killing yourself. Any day. I will help you through it. Carry on warrior, carry on. ❤️❤️

My guy and I... I didn't know him when I met him. Then once upon a time I got sucked into the madness of him from the normalcy of me. That was when I realized, he was my adventure. He grabbed me by the heart and lead me into adventure. Now he's mine.

7 Qualities of A Good Friend

Lol. These people are rare finds. I give tests, you fail completely, it's not a hard test a simple one. And it was that moment I knew I could never trust you so why would I continue a friendship? So many people just don't understand, how to be a friend.

As We Grow Up, We Realize It Becomes Less Important To Have A Ton Of Friends

I'd rather have 1 awesome friend who is trustworthy, than have a 100 "so called friends" stabbing my back.

Only Those Who Care About You Can Hear You When You’re Quiet