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Balls study- Large scale ball painting. Do outside or out the back door to the classroom. Use various sizes, shapes, textures. Write down what the students dictate during and after the activity. Add their spoken documentation to the mural and hang in the hallway.

Balls | Little Pandas Preschool

Done-we painted outside with balls on the slide this weekend with Fin. He enjoyed it for a short period, but it did not hold his attention. Maybe a possibility for art in the park. Slide Painting with Balls- art to get kids moving!!

Slide Painting with Balls ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

from PreKinders

Ramps in the Science Center

What can preschoolers learn from ramps? How about the beginnings of motion, speed, distance...

Ramps in the Science Center - PreKinders

We recently spoke with a few teachers on how they bring important content learning & investigations to outdoor play. This teacher introduced predicting & graphing on the playground! During a study of balls, each child was invited to choose a ball from the classroom that he/she predicted would roll down the slide. Using chart paper & photographs of the individual balls, children were able to then document their findings after testing their predictions. How have you introduced graphing…

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