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    60's 70's Nostalgia Goodness

    Childhood Memories

    60's 70's Nostalgia Goodness

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    I think my grandma had a clothes hamper like this

    Kitsch 'n Stuff: Decorating Your Pink Retro Beachy Swan Themed Bathroom

    I remember these prints. Very common in bedrooms of little girls in the 1970s.

    Kitschy Living

    Bubble Pipe

    1960s Vintage Bubble Pipe

    The monkees

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    Breyer toy horses - I had this exact one! They inevitably broke as time passed, and I was kind of okay with it . . . may have had something to do with being kicked by a colt and having a bruise that literally covered my thigh for two months . . .

    vintage toy horse (i)

    Latch hooking!

    vintage latch hook kits

    HAHA. Love the Jetsons!!! Magic slate!@Kim Hancock...ur Fav.

    Remember these? via

    Vintage 1960s Christmas Stocking filled with toys & candy.

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    Klackers. Klik-Klaks.

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    I'm pretty sure I wore this dress in grade school!

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    July 20, 1969

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    Flicker ring from the 60's. I still have one.


    Early 1960s Vintage Coin Op Toy Vending Machine...begging your parents for a quarter!

    Early 1960s Vintage Coin Op Toy Vending Machine


    vintage Lite Brite toy - Lite Bright pegs - Lite Bright patterns - Milton Bradley - 1990

    A color(other than black) rotary phone and Yes , we had a party line

    Pink Rotary Dial Wall Phone, Model 554

    I remember when Super Balls came out. Inevitably, they would wind up on the roof of someone's house, never to be seen again.

    Is the Super Bowl really named after a 1960s children's toy?

    If you're over 40, these were your first shoes...with the bells!!! I Still have mine and a picture of me wearing them.

    Vintage Baby Shoes, White Leather Shoes 1950s

    powder with the fluffy puff - always kept handy for after a bath.

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    Vintage Toy Twirling Batons. I loved these!

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    old aspirin tins, remember these ?

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    bubble gum or playing cards on your bike - you fastened this so that you bike wheels made a "whirring" sound as you rode! yup did that

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    Roll caps, a hammer, or a rock.

    February 2011

    bazooka gum with comic

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    I LOVED LOVED LOVED to color!

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    the 70s

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