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April Fools PRANKS

April Fools PRANKS

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SENIOR PRANK NIGHT. (one of the director's cars?)

Awesome 2010 Senior Class Post-It Prank (w/Pics) | Top Cultured

;) Spill nail polish onto wax paper, let dry, peel wax paper off and leave somewhere :D

April fools

April Fools Day Prank. Lol I'm doing this.

office april fool’s day pranks : theCHIVE


The most frightening prank…

Find method of getting jello into egg and head away from wall Amazing April Fool joke

I have to remember this. April fools!

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith

    What is it?

  • L.A. Cooper
    L.A. Cooper

    It's a party popper

  • Cindie Remshek
    Cindie Remshek


Oh, I found a dollar! April Fools prank!

Oh, I found a dollar!
  • Blue Belle
    Blue Belle

    That's genius! I would've fallen for it haha

April fools

Mouse troll... - The Meta Picture
  • EL!ZA Osborn
    EL!ZA Osborn


  • Lara White
    Lara White

    Absolutley. Perfect for my sis!!!

funny pranks

funny pranks - Dump A Day
  • Jack Forbes
    Jack Forbes


April Fools Pranks- Drinking Glue

April Fools Day Prank Ideas � 30 Pics

April Fools Day Prank Ideas - 30 Pics
  • Tammy Bossie
    Tammy Bossie

    let the games begin lol wooo haahaaa

April fools! Pranks

  • Lara White
    Lara White

    Ahhhhhhhh. Perfect!!

  • Valarie Rogers
    Valarie Rogers

    Seems like water would continue leaking out of the glass. Am going to try this on my OCD-kitchen-cleaning-crazy husband. If the water leaks, I'll put rice or something in it. If I have to hear him fuss, I might as well instigate it on purpose for once.

  • Lisa Wojciechowski
    Lisa Wojciechowski

    sounds hard to do but its comedy gold!

  • Valarie Rogers
    Valarie Rogers

    Bwwwaaaahaaahaaa! I got water EVERYwhere!!!!! All over the counter, in the silverware drawer, all over the pots-n-pans, all OVER the floor! Hahaaha! I'm not a very good pranker.

  • Troy Kendall
    Troy Kendall

    Lol just did this to my mom

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Friendly advice from Satan…

April Fools Day Prank. Lol I'm doing this.

office april fool’s day pranks : theCHIVE
  • Lara White
    Lara White

    THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!

Genius prank...

Genius prank at work…

a there is a leak in the bathroom

a there is a leak in the bathroom - Dump A Day
  • Lara White
    Lara White

    lol. That is so clever!!

Haha best prank ever but soooo mean!

The Perfect Prank
  • Matty Lovesit
    Matty Lovesit

    so hilarious but he would hate u Kathy Chan Westaby

  • Xin Kuan
    Xin Kuan wrong but funny

  • Krista Betras
    Krista Betras

    I like the hospital idea but the accident thing is harsh unless you want to scare him sober

  • jesse gonzales
    jesse gonzales

    Sound to elaborate and impossible to pull off

  • Caleb Harper
    Caleb Harper

    Comic Tom mabe has already did this

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New coffee machine…
  • Lori Burdoo
    Lori Burdoo

    Love it!

  • Corinne Maynes
    Corinne Maynes

    Omg lol I have to do this... Hehehe

Hahaaa! That is a good one!!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 71 Pics
  • Emily Murphy
    Emily Murphy

    That's so creepster

  • Jules

    Have to wonder if that idiot actually made it to the altar after a stunt like that.

good prank idea

That's so evil.

I am so gonna mess with the house keepers at work with this one.

April fools turd


Random Funny Pictures - 50 Pics

Creepiest prank ever…

Creepiest prank ever…
  • Bre Hirby
    Bre Hirby

    Watch out chuckey wants to play