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I was waiting for this line to come up!

In which Dean reminds us that he and Sam are, in fact, highly-trained killers


Do they just budget everything else around how much they spend on clothes? Even the person responsible for maintaining and dispensing the predominantly male clothes is stealing the clothes.

*epicfacepalm* What the heck did Misha say?! XD

*epicfacepalm* What the heck did Misha say? I like that Mark puts the mic up to his head shake, like it will pick up his disbelief.

Catiel gif

Click the link for the lullaby version of 'Carry on My Wayward Son' (Trust me - you want to hear this)


You could say it's Supernatural. I ared i h a m Dose: TIDE DU 42 h ester: but guys WHAT IF i am laughing so har supernatural Lord Farquaad face swap

everyone vs bieber

Beliebers vs almost every other fandom<--- This is beautiful. <--- the thing is about Supernatural is the fact that it is part of a big group called SuperWhoLock. Hurt one, hurt us all. <--- the Merlin fandom has your back too SPN fandom!