Kasie Oliveria
Kasie Oliveria
Kasie Oliveria

Kasie Oliveria

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Documenting life with photos + words + other stuff

When you need to make a point !

This could definitely be HANDY !

Did you know that the Orlando Toyota Tundra made the "Best cars for your Money" list this year? Find out more at Toyota of Orlando today! blog.toyotaoforla...

An Ancient system for some New Technology

New energy sources for the 21st century.

Turn the audio waveform of your vows into a piece of art. So cool! (Gift from this bride's brother: www.videobrideblo...)

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR Top Toy Review

"The bed isn't supposed to be for sleeping though, it's a "prototype for new and inspiring socializing space" and for "breeding new ideas". Breeding new ideas -- or -- OR -- breeding pterodactyl-human hybrids?" original quote from Geekologie Gosh! I love this blog!

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