Paul Newman.....the man was just beautiful

Paul Newman Star of David - Famous Jewish Actor. His father was Jewish (Paul's paternal grandparents, Simon Newman and Hannah Cohn, were immigrants from Hungary and Poland).

Alan Rickman

He'll never be 80 years old :'( RIP the greatest man who made a movie ten times better than it was Alan Rickman

james mcavoy.

James McAvoy, very yum and a very passionate actor. Every role he's been in (that I've seen - no more rated R movies, dude!) he's full on passion. Even as Mr. Tumnus the fawn. Love this boy.

Real life Disney princess: Pocahontas

Funny pictures about Real Life Pocahontas. Oh, and cool pics about Real Life Pocahontas. Also, Real Life Pocahontas photos.

Emma Stone

New hair color- Emma Stone's solid Dark Brown Red Mahogany haircolor gets natural depth from her multi-layered hairstyle.

Jake Ryan.

michael schoeffling (aka Jake Ryan from sixteen candles).who didn't love Jake Ryan?

Johnny Depp

Johhny Depp ,he is so darn hot :) movie tv actors actresses i like svetlanakennaug

Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood Season 6 finale where you can see Alex who playing the role of Eric is getting sunstroke while sunbathing atop a Swedish snow-.