Nailed it.

Nailed it. Thanks Mulan, for being the only Disney movie with an accurate depiction of how men behave. Love Disney but so true lol>>> and it's not proper Grammer to say you fight good. Your supposed to say you fight well

lol xD   being a grammar freak though, Doug did not have PERFECT english... ;P

My logic: Disney translated all of it. Because they wanted us to understand the movie. Also, Wall-e was left behind by the humans, he isn't from the future.<< But he IS in the future. The future from now to there.

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Rapunzel: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will. Flynn Rider: A horse. LOL - Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale

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When I was little I never noticed this but I do remember my parents laughing and I would always say "what's so funny"

The things that Disney taught us is life changing, even if we didn't realize it until many years later.

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