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Street Art

Hvorfor ikke hoppe på ét ben ind til mødelokalet, hvor kreativiteten skal…

disabilities awareness

Creative America Disability Association Advertisement: For some It’s Mt everest Help build more handicap facilities. Great message, an there are other ad messages relevant for printing on a stairway.

The Tholos Temple, Delphi, Greece.   Stunning Views: Greece

The Tholos Temple, Delphi, Greece. The Oracle at Delphi was the most important oracle in the Classical Greek world, and a major site for the worship of the god Apollo.

Οι επικίνδυνες Πριγκίπισσες της Disney, του Herr Nilsson - GRAPHICO - LiFO

dark cinderella:Not all princesses are nice. Herr Nilsson, a street artist in Stockholm, painted Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty lying in ambush for unsuspecting pedestrians.

LAS PRINCESAS PELIGROSAS Una nueva propuesta de arte urbano se desata en Suecia a cargo de las manos de Herr Nilson. Este artista busca provocar emociones a partir de imágenes que tienen un significado predeterminado, modificando sus personalidades.

Swedish street artist Herr Nilsson portrays Disney princesses and other cartoon characters as sadistic gun and knife-toting criminals.

The harsh reality of fairy tales in street art...Street Art by Herr Nilsson

A series of temporary graffiti in Stockholm entitled “Dark Princesses,” street artist Herr Nilsson imagined Disney’s lovely heroines having a sinister