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Say hello to women's first aid kit to glamorous logos!! :) Normally this kind of logo costs anywhere between 10 to 150 dollars on Etsy, but now you can get 4,800 pieces (actually 14,400

Feminine Logo Creator Circle Edition: 240 circle shaped decorative vector elements + 60 name based text combinations makes it total of possible logo variations! All shapes and fonts are made w (Mix Fonts Logo)

Create a simple high-end logo for Beth Lindley, Personal & Corporate Wellness Coach

✿∂ℓ¡¢¡∂✿ has 37 designs with 1330 total likes in their graphic design portfolio on What is your favorite?

Triangle Logo. Photography Logo. Premade by MadeWithLoveByNaja

love the gold triangle, the simple lettering of Emily- easy to read- the contrasting triangle behind it- maybe not in the pink

If you follow us on Instagram (and you should if you don’t already), you  will have noticed by now that we love burgers. One of us, Jan, could eat a  burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And repeat it the next day. Really,  burgers are great. If you haven’t had one, you should give it a try. Also,  burgers are a good idea if you are traveling. Why? Easy. When you have a  fancy dinner in a fine dining restaurant in the centre (nothing wrong with  that), you sometimes eat with other foreign…

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