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Beautiful Live Botanical And Flower Tattoo

Beautiful Live Botanical And Flower Tattoo

picasso one line drawing - Google Search

this drawing highlights two things as one is the outline while the other is the facial features, it makes it complicated as the wire bending for this art is hard but if i do make mistakes it would be easier to not tell as it is not a symmetrical work

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These pretentious memes aimed at young, female Doctor Who fans. Insulting them and being condescending helps no one. Why not just offer a few reasons why an older Doctor will change the show in a positive way (and bring it back to its roots)?

Chiropractic humor yet very true. #dallas #georgia #chiropractor

Had a one night stand with a girl when I was drunk last week don't even know her last name. She just asked me to accompany her to this wedding in May. via /r/AdviceAnimals