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Amazing DIY Idea for Kids-So Easy!!!
what do otters eat? - other puppies learning activity by daniellesplace com
Sea Otter Crafts and Learning Activities for Children
What do Otters Eat? Otter Puppets and Learning Activity for Children from www.daniellesplace.com
an orange apple made out of carrot sticks
Halloween Coloring Pages
I set my daughter up with a scissor practice tray cutting up orange straws the other day. She loves doing this! Plus I thought the orange color coincided perfectly with Fall time and Halloween! Little did she know I had big plans for those cut up straws to be repurposed into a fun Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern …
orange week activities and crafts for kids
Cant Google Everything
Color Week 4: Orange! Activities for teaching and learning the color orange with your toddler!
an ocean play dough party with sea animals and seashells on the plate, and a child's hand reaching for it
11 ocean sensory play ideas for kids
Ocean play dough invitation from Mom Inspired Life
a child is playing in a blue tub filled with water and other items to make an ocean animal rescue
Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue
Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue {salt, water, & ice play}
a red paper plate with hearts and other items on it sitting on a wooden table
A few weeks ago, I did the ocean as my storytime theme because I was clearly missing it from last summer where I did nothing but water themed storytimes! The Plan Books Big Fish, Little Fish by Ed …
a paper plate with a cat and green ribbon on it, cut out into the shape of a circle
Goodnight Sea Otter Craft
Good Night Sleep Otter Craft
an orange octopus made out of plastic bottle caps on a wooden table with brown background
Kids Art: Octopuses
Fun Octopus
the letter c worksheet for children to learn how to write letters and numbers
Letter Maze: O | Worksheet | Education.com
Letter Maze: O Worksheet
an octopus made out of blue tape on top of a piece of paper
ABC Book: Letter O
Letter O octopus
O drawing, draw a big o shape and see how many smaller ones you can make inside. Fine Motor, Pre School, Preschool, Shapes, Classroom, Language, School, Big
o is for o drawing
O drawing, draw a big o shape and see how many smaller ones you can make inside.
three different colored vases with faces and eyes painted on them sitting on a table
Adorable Toilet Roll Owl Craft for Kids
TP Roll Owls