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the tiger play dough for a preschool zoo theme is shown with black and orange rocks
Tiger Play Dough
Tiger Play Dough: A fun and educational addition to a zoo theme in your preschool or kindergarten classroom. Support fine motor skills, oral language development and more with this fun activity!
a child is painting a tiger on a canvas
Zoo Centers and Activities (Freebies too)
Zoo Animal painting at the easel for a zoo theme. Desert art FREEBIE. Prefect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.
four pretzels with green and red toppings are on a white platter
How To Make Rice Krispies Treats Maracas
Celebrate the right way with these Rice Krispies Treats® Maracas. And with a pretzel stick to hold onto, they’re great for parties and little kids.
cactus pet rocks with the words cactus pets in front of them and an image of several small
These pet cactus rocks are so cute! Such a fun kids craft! Perfect DIY activity to make your own cactus rocks.
the taco shop dramatic play ideas are great for kids to learn how to make their own food
The Secrets of Setting Up a taco stand dramatic play Center For Your Kids
Check out all of these taco shop dramatic play ideas. Transform your dramatic play area into a taco restaurant or taco truck. This is perfect for your dramatic play center your preschool or pre-k classroom. You will have fun with these DIY ideas for making food, props, and decor and will be able to set up your taco restaurant in no time. There are plenty of developmentally appropriate (DAP), hands-on learning opportunities. You will love the literacy ideas! #preschool #prek #dramaticplay
Dental Health Activities for Kids
Cute Dental Health Activities for Kids. Fun for a Dental Health Preschool Theme. #preschoolactivities #planningplaytime #dentalhealth #preschoolcrafts #dentalcrafts
paper plate turkey craft for kids to make
Paper Plate Turkey Craft
This Thanksgiving Tu
an owl made out of toilet paper next to some colorful feathers on a white surface
Turkey Fine Motor Activity and Craft
Toddler Fine Motor Turkey Activity
a red plate topped with lots of different types of items next to eggs and feathers
Thanksgiving Turkey Play Dough
Turkey Play Dough Invitation
a paper craft train sitting on top of a wooden table
"Train" Craft for Preschoolers http://thestorytimelady.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/trains-all-aboard/
the model train set is ready to be made into a play area for children and adults
Portable Small World: Pretend Model Train Set
Portable Small World: Pretend Model Train Set @ Play Trains! Come see how big the Little Engineer grinned the first time he put together this DIY train set you can take along to play anywhere!