DIY Baby shoes.

OMG, how cute are these little shoes? You have to see baby shoes on Craftsy! - Looking for sewing project inspiration? Check out baby shoes by member bitterpurl.


Little Ruffle Shoes - this is the sweetest thing ever. Wish I could find some baby bloch local!

these will probably actually stay on

Baby cloth shoe tutorial and pattern

TOMS-inspired Baby/Toddler Shoes - Free Pattern and Tutorial. Perhaps this is something I can sew by hand since i'm on bed rest until the twins are born (4 weeks!). Hopefully.... I can go to partial bed rest =)

Homemade Toast: TOMS-inspired Baby and Toddler Shoes - Free Pattern and Tutorial. I'm not really a fan of TOMS (I think of them as Keds but I think these are adorable. cuter than any TOMS I have ever seen!

Baby shoes

A twist on the classic Mary Jane Shoe, this Pleated Mary Jane baby shoe pattern has a ballerina like feel.

baby shoes

for my baby in the future my lil girl finna have swagg up the ass >>>>DIY Baby Booties Pattern

Homemade Baby boots

Not a fan of adult uggs, but baby boots? DIY - baby UGG boots, maybe exchange the sizes to older children or adult

want to try this with other materials...

DIY Super easy Bow Tie Baby Sandal + other cute baby stuff

baby shoes

These baby shoes are an adorable beginner sewing project. Did we mention they make the perfect handmade gift for little ones? Project by Craftsy member bitterpurl.

must learn to make these in the next 6 months!

Children House Shoes in dark grey and red - Moccasins - Children U.S. sizes 8-13 EUR 25-31