Realistic Eye Drawing with Coloured Pencils

drawing an eye realistically with colored pencils This one kind of looks like they have Pink Eye though, but its amazing!

macro photography of dew drops. beautiful!

Gorgeous Macro Photographs of Dew-Soaked Dandelions. By UK photographer Sharon Johnstone. Such a perfect mix of light and water, they almost look like candy. See many more images in her macro galleries. (via daily art fixx)


Teapots: A collection of Mary Engelbreit tea pots -- how cute!

like tiny gems..

Fibonacci Forest -- macro beauty beyond words.

peacock and raindrops

This is nature at it's best. The colours of the peacocks feather are amazing, and they really bring out the colours in the water droplets.


This is the one of the beauty on nature, these pretty brilliant macro photos of water drops were taken from plants just after a rain.


Being always amazed by the tiny wonders of tiny world around inspired inquisitive minds to photograph raindrops especially with a handy d.

A protein called kinesin is in charge of moving cargo around inside cells and helping them divide. It's powered by biological fuel called ATP as it scoots along tube-like cellular tracks called microtubules. This picture captures a moment in cellular time, where kinesin is stopped in its tracks. It was derived from images captured through a type of electron microscopy that uses a beam of electrons to produce an intensely magnified, high-resolution snapshot of a sample at extremely low temps.

A protein called kinesin is in charge of moving cargo around inside cells and…

Water drop!

The whole world in a single water drop


The world inside raindrops - Feel Desain

what a photograph

This is Our World, brilliant colorful raindrops. Their is so much beauty around us and all we need to do is look and see with our eyes.


Daisies reflected on dewdrops


Raindrops on a spider web.


50 Captivating Examples of Dew Drop Photography