For opening up your hips. | Sitting at work, sitting in the car, sitting on the couch. We sit a lot. And tight hips are the scourge of sitters. Learn these basic (but brilliant) poses from PopSugar to open your hips and stretch you out.

Instantly Open Tight Hips With These 8 Stretches from Popsugar. Tight hips are number one cause of lower back pain, so do these stretches daily!

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Which tea for which ailment #drink #glup #beverage

Healthy healing herbal teas and their benefits

Herbal Tea is medicine in a cup! Check out the Herbal Tea Remedies Chart and all the easy and beneficial diy recipes while you're here.

Bubble Butt at Home No Weights Workout: my visual workout created at • Click through to customize and download as a FREE PDF! #customworkout

This is called the Dynamic lower body workout. Just like the Dynamic upper body workout, this exercise also involves explosive movements, variety of directions (.

Learn how to use essential oils topically and which areas are best to apply essential oils.

20 Point Quality Checklist for Buying Essential Oils

nice At Home: Arms Workout

At Home: Arms Workout

nice At Home: Arms Workout - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

Bloating and also many diseases can be prevented and cured by removing mucus, feces deposits and parasites in the colon.

Stop Bloating -- Clean Your Colon with Flaxseed meal: Tbs of flaxseed meal daily for 3 weeks can completely clean the intestines from mucus, feces deposits and parasites, while maintaining a balanced gut flora.