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Kateřina Barbir
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daily letterings

Journal, hand lettering, alphabet, font Easy hand drawn lettering great for journaling scrapbooking wedding invitations

Cute Picture Corners Clip Art // Hand drawn par thePENandBRUSH

CLIP ART: Cute Picture Corners // Hand drawn Bespoke // Whimsical // Photoshop Brushes // Photo Overlay // Vector // Commercial Use

La collecte des flèches Sketchy

Bullet journal inspiration how to draw arrows. It's the little details like this which make the difference!

Letter Anatomy

Did you know letters have an anatomy? This is an expanded version of the drawing that's part of a mini lesson on The Anatomy of Letters that I'm working on for the book! And this still isn't a comprehensive list of all the terms used to describe type.

The All Inclusive Design Bundle (Includes 1000s of Best Selling Items) | Design Cuts

The All Inclusive Design Bundle Includes Of Best Selling Items Design Cuts 4

Free Christmas Fonts

A Typical English Home: Christmas Fonts 2013 ~~ Free fonts w/ links}

Letterhead Fonts / LHF Wade Grotesque / 30's and 40's Font

Letterhead Fonts / LHF Wade Grotesque / and Font


This is a "Lord of the Rings" fairy-tale logotype. All of the shapes have a rounded feel to them.main Pacha Runas, and lets try if is good with logo!


✍ Typography ✍ A flourish isn't just a flourish. Each has its own feel. They make invitations, business cards, or logos seem fancy, vintage, or artsy. Picking the right one is the key!


great fonts ideas for wedding albums