DIY Dress! This is soooo beautiful and simple :)

Layered Lace Dress = Lace (for neckline) + light fabric + eyelet fabric + ribbon + sewing machine. Layered Lace Dress = Lace (for neckline) + light fabric + eyelet…

stitch lace to spaghetti straps to widen, looks cute too

Stitch lace or ruffles to spaghetti straps to widen. (Although this may be a bra, you get the idea.) Sew a ring on the underside front and back of top. Use chains or strings of beads, attach with necklace clasps for easy removal to wash top.

More ideas
How to sew bra cups into a backless shirt. Every girl needs to know this!

Good to know…How to sew a built in bra top. For low-back styles! Every girl needs this! SO NIFTY Good to know…How to sew a built in bra top.

DIY dress...old tank + elastic + fabric of your choice. I think I will try this \

DIY Tutorial: DIY Clothes DIY Refashion / DIY elastic empire waisted dress - Bead&Cord ps- love her hair

Refashioning a long skirt into a dress. I would say to decoratively serge the sleeves or serge it and then hem it if you have a serger.

she made this gorgeous dress from a long pleated skirt! Welcome to the gOOd life: DIY-pleated dress

DIY cardigan. Take a shirt, cut down the middle, iron hem tape to the edges and done. Great way to repurpose shirts that dont fit anymore...and great idea to make kids clothes go a bit further!  Photo 2 by Easily Dunn, via Flickr

refashion shirt into cardigan i am so going to do this. i have quite a few shirts that no longer fit me and this would be a great way to re-purpose them. no-sew cardigan tutorial - SO EASY.

sew two rectangles of fabric, then sew a "tube" on the neckline.  Even I could do this.

Really simple: cut two rectangles, sew a tube on top of both, pull ribbon/fabric through and knot, sew sides up. Adult version of a pillow case dress, I believe!

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Easy to make upcycle lace dress. No instructions, image only!

PARIS Rags--t-shirt material and lace and/or doilies! or a large mens t-shirt! (Think recycle old knit dress.