This is pretty fantastic

Disney Class Yearbook Tells You Who’s Who… I wish these were in my year book.

I'm dying

Do you want China listening to your concert?

Any band geeks? An if so comment what you play! And (optional) a funny story! I play the clarinet


The Polite Student

Funny pictures about Teacher Just Got Burned. Oh, and cool pics about Teacher Just Got Burned. Also, Teacher Just Got Burned photos.

This is true

Mom and dad: girls why are you so hateful to each other I just don't get it. Me and my sister: * having a nice conversation * Mom and dad: girls calm down your being way to loud. Me and my sister:? OMG this is so true tho

24 Texts You Don't Want To Get From Your Parents

I can see this being a text between my dad and me. (Although I could probably handle a text would be about a beetle or spider)


You’re Telling Me Those Were All Lies?

You're Telling Me Those Were All Lies? How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Marshall.

I am a artist and every time some one sees me drawing at school they ask me that. I don't actually say that I think it and just say yes and move away.