Kate M. Colby

Kate M. Colby

Kansas, USA / Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Nonfiction Author
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Writing will always be scary. Do it anyway.

Readers DO judge a book by its cover. Here's your complete guide to getting a killer cover -- from finding a designer to evaluating the design.

They're not as unlike as you'd think!

If you can do it, do it. If you can't, trade this tired mantra in for PROGRESS every day.

No matter what praise or criticism, your books receive, remember that you are not your books. Their success or failure does not reflect your character or personality. While writing ability is very personal, it can be improved over time with patience and practice. Whether in book review responses (don’t do it!) or anywhere else online, always be respectful and courteous to readers. And most importantly, never let anyone else keep you from writing.

‘Comparisonitis’ is the most infectious disease in the writer community. Can you blame us? When John’s book has 100 five-star reviews and Jane has written six books this year and Joe has landed a major publishing deal, it’s difficult not to feel jealous and shame yourself for what you are/aren’t accomplishing. Here’s your gentle reminder to CUT. IT. OUT.

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