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On my reading list

On my reading list

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WILLOW SPRINGS - remember this

Willow Springs by Carolyn Steele

Nadia Knows Best - liked it less than Millie's Fling but an addicting and easy read

Nadia Knows Best

Millie's Fling - really good chicklit read, couldn't put it down!

Home to Harmony. This series reminds me of the Mitford series by Jan Karon but is about a Quaker minister in Indiana

home to harmony philip gulley - Bing

Before I Go to Sleep - remember that this might be a good read

The Great Gatsby, favorite book of all time!

Rumor Has It - good quick read, ending is a little rushed.

An Irish Country Wedding - available in October - I'll be counting down until then!

An Irish Country Wedding

A Dublin Student Doctor: An Irish Country Novel ... got to find this one on the shelves! excited to read it!

A Dublin Student Doctor: An Irish Country Novel

An Irish Country Courtship - if you haven't read the rest of the series, start from the beginning. I love this series and this book was no exception. Cute and a little unexpected in the events - but better because of it!

An Irish Country Girl - if you haven't read any of the series, start with An Irish Country Doctor - what a CUTE series set in a small fictional town in the Irish 60s!!!! This one is a flasback of Kinky's childhood - a real storytelling story.

An Irish Country Girl

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - a great finish to the series!! long with a lot of characters but kept you reading

Mockingjay - finished off the trilogy in less than 2 weeks

Catching Fire - another good one! bought it immediately after finishing the Hunger Games and read it in 3 days

broke down and read it - it was AMAZINGly addicting

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    Amanda Gumbrecht

    BROKE DOWN?! : |

  • Kate Tiefenthaler
    Kate Tiefenthaler


cute book about a group of Colorado women, the trials they face, and the prayers they make as part of their Potluck club

remember this one! haven't read it yet...

premise was a little strange, but I love her writing :) Write another one soon Fannie Flagg!

I didn't love the writing style but it was an interesting plot!

dark and eye-opening, but I fell in love with the characters and wished it would have just kept going

just finished this (in a day!) - quick read for the beach or plane, but you've got to read something borrowed first!