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Cheesy Vegetable Muffins from . My 1 year old LovEs them! 2cups of veggies graded or sm chunks-1 1/2 cup flour-3tsp baking powder-1cup shredded cheese-2 eggs lightly beaten-1/3 cup olive oil-1/2 cup milk. Mix cheese, flour, veggies, and baking powder. Whisk eggs with milk and oil. Add all together and bake for 20 at 300 degrees

For little hands like my 1 year old :) Use any type of yogurt you prefer ( I used my older kids Gogurt ) Dump the yogurt in a ziplock bag Snip a small hole in the corner Pipe small dots onto a baking sheet covered with wax paper Freeze for about 30-45 minutes ENJOY! So simple, yummy, and healthy! Enjoy your summer everyone!

Munchkin Meals: What a 1 Year Old Eats

No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites - these are one of my 1 year old's favorite snacks! A great way to sneakuncooked carrot into him!