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Le Mâle Frida Kahlo Inspired by Frida Kahlo, stylist Valentina Fino and Photographer Debora Pota spun a new twist for their menswear editorial titled “Mexican Madness” featured in Kaltblut Magazine. Model Giuliano Ascierto magnificently evokes the.

Kotlyars’ felt hats could be of different styles — they were also borrowed from peasants of Eastern Europe. But as tabor tinkers went far from their motherland French or Russian people took their hats for a special Gypsy piece of clothes.

Roma (Gypsies), killed in Auschwitz, estimated up to murdered in the Holocaust.

Adolf Wölfli | Art Brut | Outsider Art

Juxtapoz Magazine - Adolf Wölfli Swiss artist who was one of the first artists to be associated with the Art Brut or outsider art label. Former farmhand and laborer.

Bruges | Belgium (by Olivier Martel Savoie)

Bruges | Belgium (by Olivier Martel Savoie)