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Butterfly Costume

A Butterfly

Vintage Butterfly

Butterfly Fashion

Beautiful Butterflies

Theatre Paris

1920S Theatre

Vintage Theatre

Paris 1910

Depiction - In Aztec mythology, Itzpapalotl ("Clawed Butterfly" or "Obsidian Butterfly") was a fearsome skeletal warrior goddess, who ruled over the paradise world of Tamoanchan.

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Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir Style

Beautiful Boudoir

Vintage Lingerie Boudoir

Classic Boudoir

Real Women

A Real Woman

Fat Women

Pretty Picture

The gorgeous George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust! xoxo

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Hines Rip

Hines 1946

Hines Born

Dancer Gregory

Hines February

February 14

1946 August

Gregory Oliver

Tap Gregory

gregory hines famous tap dancer

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Lucy Lovin

Lucy Desi S

Lucy Lucille Ball

Lucy Lucy Lucy

Lucy Ricky

Lucy Ball

Lucille Desiree

Ball Desilu

Loveable Lucy

Lucy and a fan LIFE's Walter Sanders photographed Ball in costume for the extravagant dream sequence set in 18th-century France at the center of "DuBarry Was a Lady." In this 1943 adaptation of Cole Porter's Broadway hit, hoofer Ball had the lead role as a golddigging nightclub singer, opposite fellow comic Red Skelton and a rising song-and-dance man named Gene Kelly. She was billed in the movie's trailer as "Queen of the Red-Heads."

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Vintage Bellydancer

Bellydance Vintage

Bellydance Queen

Denis 1906

Radha 1906

Photographer 1906

Ruth St Denis

Ms Ruth

Saint Denis

Vintage Belly-Dancer

Ultra Bad-Ass Vintage Costumes - Page 16

Delilah 1949

Samson Delilah

Delilah Hedy

Delilah Edith

Hedy Lamarr Delilah

Lamarr Peacock

Lamarr Samson

Vintage Hollywood

Classic Hollywood

Peacock dress

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Roaring 20 S

The Roaring Twenties

1920 S

1930 1940

1920S Au

1920S Bing

1920 8217

Hats 1920S

1920's show girl Louise Brooks

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Walery 1920

Aquatic Costume

Pearls Photographed

Costume Photographed

Lucien Walery

Ziegfeld Follies

Ziegfeld Girl

Outfit Ziegfeld

Nude Woman

1920's showgirl. Fish outfit

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Mushroom Garden

Mushroom Magic

Vintage Images Postcards

Vintage Photographs

Pretty Vintage Y

Vintage Style

20S Flapper

Flapper Style

Mushy Art

Flapper & Mushrooms

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Morris Dancing

Morris Dancer

Vintage Vixens

Vintage Women

Vintage Black

Theatre Costumed

Costumed Designed

Margaret Morris

Hutton Margaret

Lois Hutton .The centre figure of dance for five people, composed and costumed designed by Lois Hutton to music by Ravel. Plate XXXIII from Margaret Morris – Dancing, photographs by Fred Daniels

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Octopus Headdress

Hats Headdress Masks Crowns

Hat Headdress Crown

Bizarre Headdress

Alien Headpiece

Headpiece Crafty

Octopus Costume

Costume Headdresses

Crown Hats

Aileen Pringle

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Glitzy Showgirl

Showgirl Esque

Showgirl Leotards

Showgirl Costumes

Vintage Actresses

Movie Actresses

Classic Actresses

Silent Film Actress

Silent Films

Broadway Melody - Bessie Love, 1929

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Peru 1926

Vargas Peru

Costume 1926

Costume Party

1926 Cabaret

Cabaret Dancer

1926 Movie

People Burlesque Circus

Costumed Characters

Rosalina Braide - Carlos and Miguel Vargas, Peru c. 1926

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Burlesque Showgirl Cabaret

Burlesque Star

Burlesque Beauties

Burlesque Vogue

Burlesque Artiste

Burlesque Steampunk Pin Up

Things Burlesque

Burlesque Pinup Corsets

Classic Burlesque

Val De Val

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Tempest 1957

The Tempest

Fay Compton

Pins Du

Shakespeare Sisterhood


Wise Women


Random 3

Scene from the Tempest

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Vintage Adult Content Risque

Beautés Vintage Adult

School Retro Vintage

Vintage Women

Retro Vintage Backspin Whoa

Art Deco Vintage

Vintage Showgirls

Vintage Burlesque

Burlesque Belles

Vivian Vernon Vintage photo of a 1920’s-era showgirl..


Lamarr 1896

Lamarr 1920S

Fairy Photos

Misc Photos

Marr Married

Marr Died

Screenwriter La

Marr Bizarre

Bizarre Los

Barbara Lamarr

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Midsummer Nights Dream Play

Midsummer Night S

Titania Midsummer

Midsummer Ideas

Queen Titania

Faerie Queen

Leigh Titania

Dream 1937

Midsummernight'S Dream


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1920S 1950S Costumes

Circus Costumes

1920S 1930S

Circa 1920

Top Costumes

1920S Circus

Vintage Showgirls

Vintage Dancers

Vintage Burlesque


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La Jana

Jana 1905

German Dancer

Actress La

1930S Actress

1905 1940

1937 38

Circa 1938

European Films

La Jana by Wog, Berlin

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Modiste Showgirls

1920S 30S Showgirls

Showgirl 1920

Style Showgirl

Follies Showgirl

1920S Pinup

Paramount Movie

Early Paramount

Paramount Picture

1920's showgirl

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Vintage Dancers Showgirls

Flappers 1920S

Burlesque Showgirls Pin

Burlesque Camp

Flapper Cabaret

1930S Showgirl

Pinups Showgirls

Saucy Showgirls

Vegas Showgirls

cutlery showgirls

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Cabaret Showgirls Burlesque

Costumes Burlesque

Belly Dance Costumes

Marsh 1913 2006

17 1913

Marian Marsh

Burlesque Vintage

Vintage Boudoir

Effeuillage Burlesque

Love the draping pearls.... #burlesque

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1940S Burlesque

Burlesque Pinups Showgirls

Burlesque Dancers

Burlesque Beauties

Burlesque Beauty

Fan Dancers

Burlesque Beautiful

American Burlesque

Black Burlesque

burlesque dancer Noel Toy

I just want to be wonderful.

Ultra Fashion

Fashion Tips

Sexy Boudoir

Boudoir Ideas

30S Fab

30S Theme

Factor Inspiration

Livin Fashion

Bodouir Photography

80/20 (burlesque/pin-up)

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