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    the 10 things on deborah lloyd’s wish list

    majestic train stations the world over. (this one is in antwerp, belgium.) (october 2014)

    11 of the World’s Coolest Train Stations

    gare du nord station - it's quite the glamorous hello upon arrival in paris. (october 2014)

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    early morning aboard the orient express. (october 2014)

    Escaping Aboard the Orient Express

    lunchtime aboard the flèche d'or, 1949. (october 2014) photographed by lillian bassman.

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    where to next? (october 2014) photograph by lillian bassman for harpers bazaar, february 1956.

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    a stack of luggage and beautiful carry-ons. (october 2014)

    Empress of Fashion: LILLY DACHE PART 2

    grand central station and the beginning of an exciting journey. (october 2014)

    60 Things You Probably Didn't Know About New York City

    words to live by. (october 2014)

    Quote Friday - Paperblog

    the glamour of train travel. (october 2014)

    Lillian Bassman | светящиеся и прозрачные модели Лилиан Бассман

    lazy days on the train, lounging in your sleeper car. (october 2014). photograph by lillian bassman, harper's bazaar, 1951.

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    essential train reading. (october 2014)

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    brigitte bardot, all dressed up with somewhere to go (she's off to madrid by train here), with a beautiful train case in tow. (october 2014)

    film 1958 - Les bijoutiers du clair de lune - brigitte bardot

    always dress for dinner. you never know who you might meet in the dining car. (october 2014)

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    there's something so exciting about taking an old-world train somewhere new (and far). and, of course, dressing for the occasion. (october 2014) photograph by louis faurer.

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    john rawlings' photograph for vogue, 1943. (july 2014)

    The best of twentieth century fashion photography - Telegraph

    madonna as eva perón. (july 2014)

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    william klein's smoke and veil, 1958. (july 2014)

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    lisa fonssagrives-penn, circa 1950, by irving penn. (july 2014)

    Phillips de Pury & Company

    irving penn's pink and red rose. penn shot a series of flowers for vogue every christmas from 1967 through 1973, and then for himself many years after. he wrote in the introduction to this book, flowers, in 1987 about his preference for "flowers considerably after they have passed that point of perfection..." they are indeed beautiful. (july 2014)

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    love the colors, the tailoring and of course the rose applique—photographed by john rawlings for the cover of vogue in 1944. (july 2014)

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    roses and tango music. both boldly romantic. (july 2014)

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    artist rené gruau's timeless, sophisticated paintings. (july 2014)

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    layers of paint and layers of time—like a watercolor painting. (june 2014)

    Havana - 1999-2002 - Michael Eastman

    robert polidori's beautiful photos of havana. (june 2014)

    Photos from the Archive: Robert Polidori’s Havana