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    travel colorfully

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    travel colorfully

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    #travelcolorfully with our international carry-on

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    #travelcolorfully station to station

    Station to Station

    #travelcolorfully sleeper car

    Musings of Life

    #travelcolorfully “we wanted to evoke that bygone era when air travel was a bit more glamorous than it is today. but the really great thing about this picture was that it was taken on a set that was originally built for the hilarious [1980] movie airplane! we had a lot of fun while we were shooting, trying to remember lines from the film—like ‘i am serious…and don’t call me shirley’—so it was a very charming day. some photographers feel that they get better pictures if they’re being forceful, but i find i take my best pictures when people are having a good time. ” —chris craymer

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    #travelcolorfully new york to chicago

    The Art Deco Poster

    #travelcolorfully the orient express

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    • Sparklie Pearlie Glitter Girlie
      Sparklie Pearlie Glitter Girlie

      Been there done that loved it!!!

    #travelcolorfully by train

    Orient Express: A slow train to Paris | Mail Online

    #travelcolorfully the chrysler

    Inside My Brain : Photo

    #travelcolorfully a trip back in time

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    #travelcolorfully when in la

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    #travelcolorfully watertower, manhattan 2012

    Tom Fruin: WATERTOWER
    • Christina Zagarino
      Christina Zagarino


    #travelcolorfully vintage bus travel by Julia Engel

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    • Eliza Jane O'Neill
      Eliza Jane O'Neill

      Ohhh yes yes yes! I need those fabulous travel cases for my next colorful adventure!

    #travelcolorfully cary grant in 'north by northwest' / 1959

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    • Snazzy

      tres cool.

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    #travelcolorfully cuban vintage silkscreen film posters

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    #travelcolorfully cuban vintage silkscreen film posters

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    #travelcolorfully cuban vintage silkscreen film posters

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    #travelcolorfully 30,000 Ft

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    #travelcolorfully the first stop after lax airport.

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    • Omni Productions Inc
      Omni Productions Inc

      Mine too!

    • Addie❤️ Polanco
      Addie❤️ Polanco


    #travelcolorfully escape.

    Visual Bits #204> Simply A Minimalist
    • Mabel Lenore
      Mabel Lenore

      Love this haha:)!

    • Zaynab:)) Teal vintage obsessed
      Zaynab:)) Teal vintage obsessed

      Wish i could click this button when year 12 stresses me!

    #travelcolorfully our francis tote styled by Haley Shepherd | Sequins and Things

    • Amy Keeney-Lancaster
      Amy Keeney-Lancaster

      Just looked on the website, where can I find that clear bag?

    • Haley Shepherd | Sequins and Things
      Haley Shepherd | Sequins and Things

      Amy, click on the photo and it will direct you to my blog post featuring the Francis tote. It explains where you can purchase the tote online :)

    • Amy Keeney-Lancaster
      Amy Keeney-Lancaster

      Thank you so much!!

    • Haley Shepherd | Sequins and Things
      Haley Shepherd | Sequins and Things

      No problem! :)

    #travelcolorfully vintage rio poster

    Rio de Janeiro Guide

      Oh my goodness, what a great poster, I can't believe you saw this, thank you for thinking of me, I love it.

    #travelcolorfully copacabana, rio de janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro Guide

    #travelcolorfully vintage copacabana palace luggage label

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    #travelcolorfully brigitte bardot at the copacabana palace hotel, 1964

    The Copacabana Palace Hotel

    #travelcolorfully parque lage, rio de janeiro, brazil

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    • Patrick Osinski
      Patrick Osinski

      Liiiiiiike it!