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College Life

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Yep... Especially grad school, research, and writing 20 + papers like its my job... Oh and tracking down the original sources, but that's actually scavenger hunt - like fun,

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Never trust anyone if the group has more than 2 people. Unless those people are your friends then trust away!

Just for Fun: Group Projects » Sociological Images

You've got what it takes, but it will take everything you've got!

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You don't have to do this, you get to do this. This is a good way to consider my path to PhD.

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Join the #BOSSBABE Netwerk™ (link in bio)


finds out exam is open book better buy the book - Lazy College Senior

finds out exam is open book better buy the book

This happens when I'm writing my reports every day.....

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BAHAHA! Psychology humor

Hey Girl Social Worker

Psychology Jokes www.christophergr... Milgram jokes my clients understand it though

College and Corporate Mentalist Christopher Grace!
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Memorize better with these study tips! For more advice, check out! #SchoolAdvice

Studying: Make Things Stick! | Discovery Girls

Successful study environments- written for college students taking online classes, but applicable to anyone

25 Study Infographs With Tips and Tricks To Help You Get Good Grades

Costs for starting a counseling practice — Private Practice Experts Kelly & Miranda

Costs for starting a counseling practice

Psychological Life Hacks

Psychological Life Hacks

Criminal Minds quote

It is easier to build strong children…

Like, really smart. | Why Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Nerd Of Your Dreams

Why Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Nerd Of Your Dreams

Why Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Nerd Of Your Dreams

Real Brain Problems. This compilation of brain scans of patients diagnosed with various psychological problems are compared with those who dont

Real Brain Problems

Random Fact about the Brain - kids will love this! Have them test the theory by writing different messages to each other

Random Facts - 55 Pics

Too funny.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 100 Pics

Amazing Facts About The Brain

Amazing Facts About the Brain

Mary Bell - child serial killer When she was 10, Mary Bell strangled a 4 year old boy named Martin Brown. When she was 11, she, along with a 13 year old friend killed another boy, this time a 3 year old named Brian Howe. They strangled him, and Mary carved an “M” into his stomach, cut off his hair, and mutilated his genitals. She was convicted shortly afterwards and served 12 years in prison, eventually she was released and granted permission to start life under a new name. She ...

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Watched a documentary on this guy. Always heard about Jack the Ripper, but why not him???

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Thailand Serial Killer... I am not sure why this is not practiced by law enforcement against world terrorist? Id sleep much better.. just saying...

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