Giant. Round. wood. , coal., Kinderling. Store. For. Wood / coal burners. , stoves , fireplace. Can be place inside or outside. Want a couple. Of these

Dreaming of a real wood fireplace. Round wood store perfect for all the ingredients to make a cosy fire in the winter. Beautiful to look at too.

it was faster to put this together than it was to pick up the materials: two 8' landscaping timbers, two 10' 2x4s, and a third concrete block in the middle for support. great idea, and it looks good, too.

Firewood Rack Using No Tools

How To Build A Bad Ass Firewood Rack With No Tools. OK, it's not a shed, but what a great idea!

Like this style for wood storage Someday when it's cold enough lol

The Beginner's Guide to Pallet Projects

Swedish fire log. Burns for hours and looks beautiful

Our first attempt at a Swedish fire log was a smashing success. burns for hours and it looks beautiful. ciderandsawdust: Our first attempt at a Swedish fire log was a smashing success. burns for hours and it looks beautiful.

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Pallets made into a storage for wood

wood storage - maybe in the garage by the back door? woodshed, pallet floor, pallet sides - for my tiny house.

I have selected 27 Magnificent Indoor and Outdoor Firewood Storage Solutions that will blow your mind and make you remodel your house, indoor and outdoor.

how to build a firewood storage - Google Search

TRASH AND RECYCLE STORAGE IDEA! Corrugated steel or pvc over woodpile! Firewood store- or could be bare bones for garden shed - will have to think on this!

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"Small Log Storage would be great to make with pallets - [an area fitting] way to store firewood for [a] fire pit[?

Pallet firewood rack

Pallet firewood rack---I've made this one ! I designed it myself but it's actually identical to this one----it has held up amazingly to winter & storms/heavy rains ! I bought a cover to go over it, to allow the wood to dry/season.

How to build a wood shed

This step by step diy article is about how to build a wood shed. Building a wood shed to store the firewood is easy, if you use the right plans and techniques.

Cheap wood storage cider blocks and 2x4s

This would be great by the firepit. It’s a homemade kindling dryer which pretty much helps you start a fire by giving you what you need in a practical fashion. To build this thing you need two cement blocks and four pieces of wood.

12193692_554353161398017_175355691294214637_n.jpg (720×960)

Woodshed for winter wood. - Gardening Inspire ---Be good smaller, with leaf compost bin on one side

Firewood Storage Shed

​There are many ways to store firewood. These range from simple piles to free-standing stacks, to specialized wood shed structures. Usually the goal of storing wood is to keep water away from it.