Now that's a good idea.

Another pinner wrote Do Not Forget door hanger - Great gift! Too bad I don't have a doorknob like this on our front door and Conner would get into all of this. I need mine up higher!

how to make candy sushi | best birthday treat ever or super-fun for april fools' day! --> LOVE this!

how to make candy sushi

Candy Sushi, Rice Krispie Treats–along with another love of mine, Swedish Fish. And Fruit Roll-Ups. And gummy worms, bears, or M & M’s. All wrapped into one happy little sushi

Tons of fun April Fool's Day ideas for kids!

April Fool's Day Ideas

Tons of fun April Fool's Day ideas for kids! I'm not usually into the whole April Fool's thing, but some of these ideas are cute.

April fools day Brown E’s

Brown E's - brownies ( April Fools with the brown cut out E'sjoke).Do you see what they did here with the brown cut out E's. Then they cover with foil. When family and friends open the brown E's they laugh and laugh.

April Fools Food - meatloaf and mashed potato "cupcakes"

April Fools Food - meatloaf and mashed potato "cupcakes" Good one for preschool kids :)

April Fool's Day Food. Meat loaf on the inside, Potatoes as frosting.

Super clever April Fool's Day food for kids! That is a mashed potato cake! My kids would FLIP!

Election-Themed First Birthday Party - OK, this is just cute as can be. And I could probably find some cute decor after the Fourth of July.

This election-inspired party thrown for Wren is getting our vote for creativity and cuteness. "We've discussed her platform at length, and I'm

More ideas
Gummi Sushi, Pound Cake fries, corn on the cob cupcakes, meatloaf cupcakes, Pizza cake, mashed potato cones and peanutty pound cake chicken nuggets! Let's fool someone! April Fool's Party food

7 April Fool's Day Treats & Recipes

Play some tricks on friends or family this April Fool’s Day (FRIDAY) with these 7 sneaky little recipes! From mashed potato cones to pizza cake,.

April Fool's undrinkable juice (jello)--my kids would think this was hilarious!

Food: Recipes, Cooking Tips, Celebrity Chef Ideas & Food News

April Fool-undrinkable juice- A strategically placed straw makes for a much more believable “drink,” but you could also set the Jell-O in a large pitcher and watch various members of your family hilariously try to pour themselves a cup.

Fool your family this holiday with these fun April Fools recipes.              1. Chicken Not-Pie  by Family Fun       2. Fried Egg...

aprils fools food kids this "grilled cheese" sandwich made of toasted pound cake and orange frosting. There is nothing like biting into something expecting savory and getting sweet!

10 Food Ideas for April Fool's Day - Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

10 Food Ideas for April Fool's Day

April Fools KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket and Sides Dessert-making the drumsticks minus the bran flakes for our November Girl Scout meeting-looks like turkey drumsticks!

Play an April Fool's Day prank with this look-alike Chicken Pot Pie recipe from our friends .

Top April Fools Day Prank Recipes Slideshow

April Fools Chicken Pot Pie Dessert Looks like Chicken Pot Pie Tastes like dessert! holiday-crafts-recipes you-could-hear-a-pin-drop foodstuff-i-love

April Fools! Faux buffalo wings made out of Rice Krispie Treats, covered in brown sugar and tangerine glaze. The "bleu cheese" is marshmallow sauce with bits of marshmallow and the "celery" is green licorice!

April's Fools Day: Faux Buffalo Wings Rice Krispie Treats covered with a tangerine and brown sugar glaze. The "bleu cheese" is actually marshmallow fluff with bits of marshmallow and the "celery" is green licorice.

April Fools Day Recipe: Is This Really a Meat Loaf? Yes it is!

April Fools Day Recipe: Is This Really a Bowl of Cereal?

april fools food=mashed taters and meatloaf soup that looks like cereal

How fun would it be to fake them out with some of the Faux Food ideas at Family fun.  Hint, that's not a pie people, that's meat and potatoes.

Its really a shepherds pie in disguise! Cocoa, molasses, and barbecue sauce give the meat its chocolaty color, while whipped potatoes infused with beet juice complete the deception. The best part of the prank is that youre also making dinner!

{APRIL FOOLS DAY} round up of edible pranks by Creative Juice - Not really 100 ideas, but several good ones, plus a few round-ups.

{APRIL FOOLS DAY} round up of OVER 100 edible pranks by Creative Juice. For one day when we throw an April fool party for lily Kate (:

April Fools' Cake Recipe -This recipe is the so easy to put together and is so tasty it will be requested more then just on April Fool's day!—Julie Foltz, Newport News, Virginia

April Fools' Cake

April Fool’s Day Pizza Bundt Cake 1 jar pizza sauce ½ lb cooked, crumbled Italian sausage 8 oz pkg pepperoni 3 c Bisquick ¾ cup