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an open book with art and writing on the pages that are covered in inks
Tobi Crawford ink: Art Journaling
Tobi's Place: Art Journaling
an altered photograph of a woman dancing with her arms in the air and words written on it
Art Journaling in Abundance
visual blessings: Art Journaling in Abundance
an open book on top of a table with a bicycle and flower design in it
Making it Happen :: Art Journaling
Paper Pumpkin: Making it Happen :: Art Journaling
an open book with the eiffel tower on it's cover and words written in different languages
I thought about my Sizzix goodies in an art journal spread...
a box with a painting on it that says work in progress and a woman's silhouette
Art Journaling ~ Pages in the Works
Here’s a page I made with lots of my favorite mediums… inks, paints, gesso, embossing paste, and a few stencils that had gone astray years ago.
an altered book page with various images and words on it, including a spiral notebook
Summer Art Journaling-The Skinny
I have seen new art journalers and experienced alike join together to encourage and rally each other to get their pages done! It has been phenomenal!
an art project with words written on it and a pink heart in the middle, surrounded by angel wings
I share another page in my art journal, made with Art Anthology Sorbet and Dimensional Crystal paints and Colorations sprays.
an art project with watercolors and ink on paper that says passion is necessary
Art journaling once again
I am definitely inspired to paint again and to create a physical journal, and that feels really good.
an art journal with some writing on it
Here is the first page I made, using Art Anthology Colorations in Waimea Bay, Patience and Glorious, Velvet paint in Cotton Candy, and Sorbet paint in Vegas Gold:
an art journal with writing and pictures on it
Follow along with Guest Artist Mindy Lacefield as she invites you to “see the miracles in the small and minute” with this inspiring video and other insider tips, sure to spur on your creativity!
a notebook covered in graffiti and writing on top of a table
Art Journaling
an abstract painting with circles and lines on it's surface, including the words sometimes
Digi IPad Art Journaling... — Roben-Marie Smith - Tech-Savvy Artist
I created this digi page in ArtRage and Procreate on the IPad. I imported the text/words and added lots of layers to blend it all together. I use the Sensu Brush and love it!
the word dance written in purple and green on a colorful background with lots of flowers
Art Journaling & An Instagram Photo Book
I actually finished my art journal swap pages before they were due!!
a painting with words on it that says, courage is being
Art Journaling Techniques Workshop
Release your inner artist and join us each month as we focus on a new technique/product.
an art journal with flowers and birds on the cover, including a bird sitting next to a fire hydrant
Art Journaling | Flickr - Photo Sharing!