Katahdin Sign -the end of the Appalachian Trail - hopefully Pat and I will reach this after hiking miles on the AT.

Moose near Mount Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine

Mount Katahdin--last stop on the Appalachian Trail. I almost made it to the top.

Chimney Pond at the base of Mount Katahdin

Chimney Pond at the base of Mount Katahdin, Baxter State Park

Brynn and Cass and a rare moment of feeling happy.

“It was no ordinary friendship. We were inseparable, constantly being separated. I’ve realized that no matter where you are or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely love you.

Cassidy has one blue eye and one green.

Blue green eyes are very rare. Learn more about blue green eyes and why people have them. Blue Green and other eye colors explored.

The Knife Edge, Katahdin

Katahdin - Knife's Edge Section in Maine (Baxter State Park) - close to the end of the Appalachian Trail, the trail is 3 feet wide with a several thousand feet drop on either side. I have walked it. One of the scariest times in my life!

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Baby Cassidy

Baby Cassidy