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When a patient's blood sugar is low enough that I don't have to cover it. Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Nursing school. Medical Surgical RN. Registered Nurse.

the cutest

Purple is my favorite color and this deep shade of eggplant is just breathtaking, but not too breathtaking.

J.Crew Dark Eggplant (Purple) Arabelle Dress 46% off retail


The littlest mermaid #meow

Because factory farming is CLEARLY the way to go...


Put your sun glasses on cause I'm going to shine a little light on the situation. Giraffe's may have long necks for sexual reasons not just for eating. They actually eat at a lower level then their necks can reach and when two males are showing dominance they use their necks. This is a great example of Darwin's Sex Selection theory.

Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they get upset. Bahaha

this is my cat

"Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they are upset, like a temper tantrum." hahah love this



This is Venus, she's a Chimera cat and technically, her own twin! She's the result of four parent cells (two fertilized eggs or two embryos fused together). The two separate organisms had already started to develop, so that's why some features of both remained in this one amazing kitty! FREAKING SWEEEET

This is me!

I'm a flower

Oh my goodness.


Cat in a cup!!!!!!

Beagle puppy ♥

bengal kitty

Sasquatch!® Shoe Small Pet Bed

Bengal Kitty

baby manatee