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This packet includes all of the resources you will need to start a Morning Meeting in your classroom. Included in the packet:- Poster with th...

Beginning of the school year art project: "We are each unique and beautiful, but together we are a masterpiece."

Wow! This is awesome! Really good idea.

Suzanne Rachel Flore Lenglen (24 May 1899 – 4 July 1938) was a French tennis player who won 31 Championship titles between 1914 and 1926. A trendsetting athlete, named La Divine (the divine one) by the French press.

Backhand with a View: With towering cliffs to one side and the sparkling Mediterranean to the other, it’s all but impossible to keep an eye on the ball at the courts of Italy’s Il San Pietro di Positano resort.

24 Tips for New Teachers that Other Teachers Might Not Tell You. If you're a new teacher or a veteran, experienced teacher, there's something in this to help make your school life easier with classroom management, time management, teacher burnout, and to have more fun in the classroom.

Math Coach's Corner: What Great Teachers Do Differently

Bright Idea: Using Data Walls to Motivate Your Students-keeping track of not only individual student data but also class data.

Multiplication and Art - I'm always looking for ways to incorporate math and art! Nice!

Instructional Coaching Questionaire

Ages & Stages handouts [detailing what to expect in terms of mental, emotional and social development from 1 month to 11 years old] website also has additional resources

Teaching With a Mountain View: 5 Changes That Saved My Sanity (scheduled via www.tailwindapp.com)

RTI for Math Made Easy a weekly blog series that address the what and how of RTI for math.

ASCD author Pam Robbins explains how peer coaching can help create a collaborative, learning-focused school culture, enhance professional learning, and increase student performance.

Do you grade fluency in your classroom? A look at grading fluency, and how you can do it fairly.

There are stages that some parents go through when teachers tell them that their child is working below level. This is a good post to bookmark to read before you conference with a parent about this topic.

The Art Curator for Kids - Kinesthetic Learning in Art - Art that Makes you Move, Kinesthetic Art Activities

School Leaders: Tips for Coaching Your Super Teachers | Edutopia

Learning how to write a good "hook" is critical as students become more profecient writers. Get ten great hook ideas here, as well as an anchor chart and a fun writing prompt to start off the process!

The Coaching Spirit: 8 Principles for Coaching Success