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How to Write a Great Essential Question - The Art of Education

How to Write a Great Essential Question REMEMBER! Instead of artist stements their statement could be a rhetorical question. Make the audience think about their art.

This is how I teach "Writer's Workshop" in my classroom.

I bought the Craft Lessons books to start this method in my classroom. I was able to meet the author, Ralph Fletcher, some years ago at a conference where he spoke.

This is great to teach after you have taught what writers workshop is and also given students the opportunity to have an ideas chart. Keep this posted in the room because it will be helpful when teaching different genres in writing for instance, personal narratives, how to, persuasive writing, etc...

Writing about small moments.a Seed vs. a Watermelon anchor chart.there are a number of terrific writing anchor charts here, but this is my favorite! Kids always want to choose a topic that is just too big! This helps them narrow it down.