"Jerusalem Countdown" - (James Hagee) - Christian Movie/Film on DVD/Blu-ray with Randy Travis, David A.R. White and Jaci Velasquez. Check out Christian Film Database for more info - http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/jerusalem-countdown/

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"Not Easily Broken" - Christian Movie/Film on Blu-ray. Check out Christian Film Database for more info - http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/not-easily-broken/

Beyond The Sky - Christian Movie/Film on DVD. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/beyond-the-sky/

Alone Yet Not Alone - Christian Movie/Film on DVD. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/alone-yet-not-alone/

A Walk to Remember - Christian Movie/Film on DVD with Mandy Moore. Each spring in the little port town of Beaufort, North Carolina, Landon Carter remembers his senior year at Beaufort High and Jamie Sullivan, the girl who changed his life. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/a-walk-to-remember/

The Way Home - Christian Movie/Film on DVD with Dean Cain. A husband and father torn between the demands of his job and family. Asked by his wife to watch their two-year-old son Joe for a few minutes, he becomes distracted by work. When he returns, Joe is gone. http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/the-way-home/

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