#abandoned Lillesden School for Girls, England ...INSANE! I want to LIVE HERE!!

8 Abandoned Hospitals, Hotels & Schools - Urban Ghosts

Old abandoned house

One awesome thing about this place is it's absolutely beautiful where it's at. But, one scary thing is, I've been here before

Thorncrown Chapel is a chapel located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, designed by E. Fay Jones and constructed in 1980. The design recalls the Prairie School of architecture popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, with whom Jones had apprenticed

America's Most Beautiful Churches

More than square feet of glass was used to create Thorncrown Chapel in the Ozark Mountains near Eureka Springs. Designed by architect E. Fay Jones, the chapel was the inspiration of a retired schoolteacher who wanted to create a place for visitors t

Old Red Barn

There's something beautiful about old barns - Pretty sure I'll be living in a converted one someday

Abandoned Old House

This rather beautifully ornate teak house is in Thonburi, very close to the Portuguese Church of Santa Cruz. It is in rather a dilapidated state but must have been quite something when new despite the rather incongruous corrugated tin roof.

vasily klyukin envisions 'nike' winged victory of samothrace tower

russian architect and businessman vasily klyukin has envisioned a monumental design for a tower, which intersects the winged victory of samothrace statue into an architectural scheme.

Red Beach in Panjin, China is one of the world's most surreal dream destinations

The 15 Most Surreal Destinations to Visit in 2015

Red Beach - Panjin, China The Red Beachin the Liahoe River Delta, China. 30 km Sw of Panjin City, China. The red is from seaweed. It turns this color in Autumn Only a small section open to tourists.

St. Edward's University - Austin, Texas

Edward's University - Austin, Texas will have to check this out and take a pic for gg.

Mary Magdalene Church, Jerusalem, Israel

Mary Magdalene Church, Jerusalem, Israel -- amazing vibe here, this pic makes it look like a fairy tale.