Forget tree houses and mini kitchens ~~ I'm building my grandchildren a hobbit hole.

How to Build a Hobbit Hole House

Forget playhouses and mini kitchens, I'm building my children a hobbit hole. ~ Actually, I'll build ME a hobbit hole and then my lucky kids will get to play in there with me :)

Faerie house

♧ Charming Fairy Cottages ♧ garden faerie gnome & elf houses & miniature furniture - Curled Mossy Awning for Fairie's front door/could be made out of a gourd!

Too cute!

Oh my gosh! h my gosh! I have these gourds! What a great project for fall/FUN! Fairy Garden Gourd-Shaped Fairy Home - I would love to try making something like this with a fake pumpkin when the fall decorations come out.

a fairytale house for boys and girls #Awesome

Fairy House fort - for inside or outside. LOVE THIS ! What a great place to play, read and dream !

Kid's playhouse.

Simpson Design Group Architects “very cute play house, oval door, snow white cottage look”

❥ frog prince

In have to kiss alot of frogs before you find a prince ❥ frog prince

Fairy table set

Whimsical Toad Stool Table & Chairs from Chasing Fireflies - perfect to host a fairy tea party!

If you build it....They will come....

Birch fairy home. Forest Birch House by Sally J. Fine Art Marketplace here. A faerie house made of birch bark with autumn leaves for a roof in a deep forest setting.