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Morbidly Interesting

A little bit of morbid curiosity...and a little bit of gallows humor

Morbidly Interesting

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Calla Lilies Casket Spray

Calla Lilies Casket Spray

Trail of Flowers hinge piece - same flowers as bouquet to whatever extent possible: white double tulips, Sea Waltz dark blue delphinium, Juliet peach garden roses, white mikado cream spray roses, dark blue/purple privet berry, blue/park purple anemone, silver sage accents

The FTD® Trail of Flowers™ Casket Adornment

The FTD® Refreshing Mix™ Casket Spray

The FTD® Refreshing Mix™ Casket Spray

Interesting photo!

The Thanatos Archive / Early Post-Mortem and Memorial Photography

The Last Ride Abandoned Funeral Home by KathrynNee on Etsy, $25.00

Three-person suicide coffin. The story behind this custom coffin is that a couple’s infant daughter died, and they agreed to commit suicide and be buried with the daughter. At the last minute, they backed-out and never picked up the coffin from the coffin-maker. Here it rests at the National Museum of Funeral History, Houston.

floral garland arrangement for casket | Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers, Flower Arrangements, Sprays & Wreaths

The remains of the astronaut Vladimir Komarov after the Soyuz 1 crash in 1967. Komarov demanded an open casket personally because he wanted to send a message to the government officials who had caused his death. He knew the capsule was unsafe and that he would very likely die, he knew he would not be returning alive so he made the demand before launching. His final “revenge” was forcing his superiors to look at what they had done.

Charles Antell Formula 9 and Shampoo, 1952

22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

An abandoned hearse found with a partially mummified unidentified corpse inside a casket in Princeton, Indiana (date unknown)

Emmett Till before his death and after his eye was laying on his cheek-- a piece of our history that should not be forgotten!!

Emmett Till: What Did He Die For

Funeral of a little girl. Her girl friends are the pallbearers. Casket resting on table and covered with flowers.The photo was taken in Newberry, Michigan around 1900.

Little Girl From Poltergeist Movies 1, 2, and 3: Heather O'Rouke died at age 12 just a few months before the final movie was released, in 1988.

THE GHOST WILL SEE YOU NOW! Author Randy Russell released his fifth paranormal-themed book, The Ghost Will See You Now: Haunted Hospitals of the South. In this chilling volume, Russell shares over 40 true ghost stories based in the South’s most haunted hospitals and asylums, including the ghostly flapper of Asheville’s Highland Hospital and the casket girls of New Orleans’ Ursuline Convent Hospital. You can find The Ghost Will See You Now at, or other online retailers.

Ghosts and Ghouls

Brand new casket in basement of abandoned hospital; Northwood Asylum

Cozy - Photos of the Abandoned Northwood Asylum

These images above are of the grave of Cora Lee Wilson. Cora Lee was a socialite during the 1880's and died from a fever while visiting friends in East Texas. The 2 pictures on the top show the rather large hole in her tomb where you can see her wrought iron casket. Legend has it that despite numerous attempts to block the hole, another hole is once again knocked away by Cora's restless spirit. Recently, Cora Lee's grave has been put into the local spotlight. After a strong storm that b…

The Grave of Cora Lee Wilson

James Dean poses in a casket in a funeral parlor in Fairmount, Indiana, in 1955, seven months before he died.

After Katrina, in the Louisiana swamplands.

caskets that popped out of the saturated soil during the Flood of ‘94. A scene from all over Georgia.

g y p s y s o u l .

The body of Londyn Samuels, 1, lies in a casket as her sister, Paris, 3, looks up at her during the funeral at New Hope Baptist Church in New Orleans on Saturday, September 7, 2013. Samuels was murdered while in the arms of her babysitter.

Tardis Coffin morbid, yes, but note to the world...when i die...THIS is to be my coffin or there will be much haunting

Dead Biker Buried Riding Harley in Giant Transparent Casket - Ohio

Dead Biker Buried Riding Harley in Giant Transparent Casket

1955 in Mississippi, Emmitt Till's mother had an open casket funeral so that everyone could see the savage thing that had been done. Jet magazine printed pictures, pictures burned into the brain of probably every grown black American of the time.

Emmett Till Lynching Jet Magazine September 15 1955

10 Abandoned Psych Wards Photographers Love Sneaking Into. I love urban exploration! Looking for a local partner to buddy up with, then I am off ...

10 Abandoned Psych Wards Photographers Love Sneaking Into

You'll Need To Look At These Famous Crime Scenes Twice. When You See Why, It's Worth It. Click through the pics....very interesting....

Old New York Crime Scene Photos Superimposed Onto Modern NYC