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Morbidly Interesting

A little bit of morbid curiosity...and a little bit of gallows humor

Morbidly Interesting

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funny kid books - Dump A Day

America's Scariest and most Haunted Places (Full Documentary)

Patient sunporch in an abandoned hospital in NY; stained glass windows and a radiator

Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester, NY, USAAfter the swimming pool was closed down it became storage for dozens of chairs and desks alike.

Off The Deep End: 12 Abandoned Swimming Pools | 2 | Urbanist

crumbling house #urbex


Surgical videos. Where has this been my whole life!

Once you're a parent, you're the ghost of your children's future. -Cooper, Interstellar

Ted Bundy Interview

"Dying Is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well." - Sylvia Plath. On February 10, 1963 Sylvia Plath was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in her kitchen. Plath had placed her head in the oven, while the gas was turned on and the pilot light unlit. She was 30.

Jonestown mass suicide - Nov. 18, 1978. 909 men, women, and children died.

Mount Everest. Climbers sometime stumble upon men and women who are dying on the mountain but have no way of helping them so they must leave them to die. Two climbers found this woman alone dying yelling, "Please don't leave me", but were forced to continue on and let her die as they had no means to help her and staying would risk their lives. Years later, they saved up enough money to finally return and give her a proper burial.

Community Post: Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

19th Century Cross Dressing

Behind the face

‘They found her lying on the living room floor; she’d been dead for two weeks.' Those words were the final twist in the tale of my very own ghost story.

can you find the creepy thing in this picture ?

#iLikePeopleWho - Who is talking about #iLikePeopleWho on TWITTER

20 Best Ghost Pictures and Video of 2014: Scottish Soldier Cemetery Ghost

20 Best Ghost Pictures and Video of 2014

Notice anything? (Up and to the right of the girl in black)My friend took this picture.There was no one in the background. So #very #creepy #real #ghost If you wonder more about this pic contact me frieda 's favorites 's favorites 's favorites stacho via pinterest


This old house is in central Oklahoma, and has been abandoned for quite some time. A resident of a nearby town was out for a drive and thought she would take a picture of the spooky old building. She laughed to herself how silly it would be if someone were watching from inside the house. If you look closely at the second story window, it appears that there was.

This is so awesome that proves that mermaids are real MOM

The body of a man buried for 10 years, was found intact at his grave in the cemetery of Saudade, in Potions. The body was removed from the grave to be placed in a niche alongside his deceased mother. Photo credit: Adriano Cruz

The soul is bone

Eco-Friendly Cremation is also Pocket-Friendly (Proshun Chakraborty)- There is a good chance people living around the ghats are breathing in pollutants. "Each cremation adds to more pollution and if the burning is not complete, it produces carbon monoxide," Limaye said. Word needs to be spread to save trees, conserve forests and promote eco-friendly cremation, he said, adding "NMC should instead start charging a high amount for firewood while... (01-19-15: Funeral News: The Funeral Source)

01-19-15: Funeral News & Funeral Related News: The Funeral Source

Cemetery grave marker - cool

Check out the reflection from the freezers door at about 1:05 minutes into it. It seems like something leaves his body just before it knocked the toilet paper off the shelf.