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The family of a war hero only discovered the full weight of his bravery after his death when his cremation left behind a huge pile of shrapnel. The bag contained a whopping 6oz of bomb shrapnel, roughly two handfuls, that Mr Brown had been carrying around for 60 years

Weighty memento: war veteran's secret revealed after his death

Abandoned Lighthouse Keepers House on Año Nuevo Island, California

Abandoned Lighthouse Keeper's House, Año Nuevo Island | Urban Ghosts

Eduard Krebsbach immediately before his execution in Landsberg prison. 28.05.1947. He was a former German physician and SS doctor in Mauthausen concentration camp and was responsible for initiating mass killing by lethal injection to the heart on handicapped and sick prisoners.

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What.. This is so dang strange I couldn't help it....I'm so weirded out by this.

Unluckiest person ever…

boy in the box

Pictures and Maps

Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, Sofia lying in state. 1914

Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, Sofia lying in...

real celebrity autopsy photos on Buzzers Image Autopsy Women

Real Celebrity Autopsy Photos

open casket.. this is a bit creepy

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17 Creepy Things Kids Say Heard by Their Babysitters

17 Creepy Things Kids Have Said to Babysitters | Team Jimmy Joe

Before teaching at a French school for girls, Emilie Sagee had taught at 18 different schools and had been fired from each one because of the strange events that seemed to follow her. Emilie Sagee had the incredible power of being seen at two places at once. Students would often report seeing her in class with other students claiming they had seen her walking down the hall at the same time. On one occasion, as she taught with her back to her students, her doppelganger appeared beside her…

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Here Are The Very Last Photographs Taken Of These 85 Iconic Celebrities.

In 1705, Margorie McCall died & was buried after a long wake. That night, grave robbers exhumed her. They attempted to cut her finger off to remove a ring but while cutting into her finger, Marge woke up & they bounced. She got out of the coffin & walked home.She knocked on the door just as her family gathered at her home. Deep in grief, her husband said, “If your mother were still alive, I’d swear that was her knock.” He opened the door & she was there, very much alive.

10 Horrifying Premature Burials - Listverse

Robbed of childhood: Susan Pollack aged 9. Just four years after this picture was taken, she witnessed the murder of her family when they were forced to leave their Hungarian home and sent to Nazi deathcamps

Holocaust survivor's unimaginably harrowing ordeal

Decapitated Head Kit. Give to someone you don't like?

Boys and Ghouls

Exploding Coffin ~ 1890 - what happens when gas builds up in a corpse

Timeline Photos - The Thanatos Archive | Facebook

The Most Shocking Confessions | Confessions, App, Whisper, Search, People

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Real-life Scarily True Ghost Stories

Real-life Scarily True Ghost Stories

little Indian girl ghost....Picture taken with a motion activated camera....The deer even sees her.....

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Found Creepy book from 1991

I found this book, published in 1991, to be just a little creepy.

Male chastity belt. Museum of tortures in Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia

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#creepy #weird

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In Rhode Island, a woman took a cell phone pic of her 22 month-old niece, Penny, while babysitting her alone. After looking at her photo and seeing the woman behind Penny (who wasn't there at the time), she had it examined but no tampering was detected. She has since compared family photos and realized that it looks a lot like her deceased great grandmother.

Ghost in the Photo

Dr. King's Children Viewing his Body for First Time at the Funeral, April, 1968 | The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change - Such a tragedy, this man was too great for his time but hate to think where this world would be had he not lived.

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It’s makeup BUT STILL.

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Scariest Story I’ve Read In A While