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Morbidly Interesting

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29 Mind-Blowing Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened Article |

29 Mind-Blowing Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened

Old Finneytown Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio (The Funeral Source Video Tours)

Old Finneytown Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio (The Funeral Source Video Tours)

Plaster Lincoln Life Mask cast by American Sculptor, Leonard Volk, April 1860. Volk later cast Lincoln's hands. His right hand was still swollen from shaking so many supporters' hands after be nominated as the Republican Party nominee. To steady his hand in the mold, Lincoln cut off a piece of a broom handle to hold for the casting. Volk later placed the piece of handle in the cast displayed here.

Miyuki Ishikawa was a Japanese midwife and serial killer who is believed to have murdered many infants with the aid of several accomplices throughout the 1940s. It is estimated that her victims numbered between 85 to 169, however the general estimate is 103. When she was finally apprehended, the sentence she received (4 years in prison) was remarkably light considering that Miyuki's actions resulted in a death toll so high that it remains unrivaled by any other serial killer in Japan.

Before Hitler ruined it, the swastika was a positive symbol with a very, very long history. This is a photo of two kids before a Halloween dance on October 25, 1918. Did you know? The word "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit svastika - "su" meaning "good," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix. The swastika literally means "to be good". Crazy it became the symbol of such evil!!!'

Voytek Frykowski photographs Jay Sebring who's photographing Sharon Tate August 1969 by Eddy Roy, via Flickr

Jay and Sharon on August 9, 1969. Within twelve hours, they would be murdered.

a touch of tuesday weld: sixties

Willie Vicarage, who was suffering from facial wounds that he sustained in the Battle of Jutland in 1916, was one of the first men to receive facial reconstruction using plastic surgery. Read more at

World's First Plastic Surgeries - ODDEE

A day before Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker, Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini met a more public end. He and his mistress, Clara Petacci were caught by partisans while trying to flee into Switzerland. On April 29, 1945, the two were shot to death in the small village of Giulino di Mezzegra. Their corpses were then taken to the Piazzale Loreto in Milan and strung up on meat hooks above a gas station. Crowds threw stones at the bodies for several days.

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Cross Section

Preserved body of St. Silvan, circa 350 AD. Little is known of him except that he was martyred for his faith. His body is purported to be totally incorrupt and lies in the Church of St. Blaise at Dubrovnik, Croatia. On his neck the body has a big scar, which is believed to have caused his death.

Top 10 Incorrupt Corpses - Listverse

Carthedral is a 1971 Cadillac hearse modified with 1959 Cadillac tailfins. Welded on top is a VW beetle and metal armatures with fiber glass. Carthedral is a rolling Gothic Cathedral complete with flying buttresses, stained glass pointed windows, and gargoyles. Carthedral was designed and built by, - Rebecca Caldwell

1941 cadillac hearse. Would LOVE to have one of these for our Halloween wedding!

In 1913, bodies of two children were discovered in the Hopetown quarry near Edinburgh. Although the bodies had been in the water at least eighteen months, a man named Sir Sydney Alfred Smith was able to provide the police with vital information. He determined how much time before their deaths the two boys had eaten their last meal, proved that they must have walked to the quarry, and hypothesised that they had been killed by someone they knew.

Where Body Decomposition Fights Crime

HAMPTON COURT'S GREY LADY! Is this the specter of a servant of King Henry VIII's? The Grey Lady, was Dame Sybil Penn, and a nurse to Prince Edward. She died from small pox in 1562. But why would she still haunt the palace? For more:

Calla Lilies Casket Spray

Calla Lilies Casket Spray

Trail of Flowers hinge piece - same flowers as bouquet to whatever extent possible: white double tulips, Sea Waltz dark blue delphinium, Juliet peach garden roses, white mikado cream spray roses, dark blue/purple privet berry, blue/park purple anemone, silver sage accents

The FTD® Trail of Flowers™ Casket Adornment

The FTD® Refreshing Mix™ Casket Spray

The FTD® Refreshing Mix™ Casket Spray

Interesting photo!

The Thanatos Archive / Early Post-Mortem and Memorial Photography

The Last Ride Abandoned Funeral Home by KathrynNee on Etsy, $25.00

Three-person suicide coffin. The story behind this custom coffin is that a couple’s infant daughter died, and they agreed to commit suicide and be buried with the daughter. At the last minute, they backed-out and never picked up the coffin from the coffin-maker. Here it rests at the National Museum of Funeral History, Houston.

floral garland arrangement for casket | Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers, Flower Arrangements, Sprays & Wreaths

The remains of the astronaut Vladimir Komarov after the Soyuz 1 crash in 1967. Komarov demanded an open casket personally because he wanted to send a message to the government officials who had caused his death. He knew the capsule was unsafe and that he would very likely die, he knew he would not be returning alive so he made the demand before launching. His final “revenge” was forcing his superiors to look at what they had done.

Charles Antell Formula 9 and Shampoo, 1952

22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

An abandoned hearse found with a partially mummified unidentified corpse inside a casket in Princeton, Indiana (date unknown)