Kathryn Bourke

Kathryn Bourke

Kathryn Bourke
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Tomato growing tips

Gotta have tomatoes for our mozz! Reader Tips: 12 Tips for Growing Perfect Tomatoes. I put a cup of bone meal, of part tomato fertilizer, cup of part lime in each plant hole with crushed egg shells and cup of worm compost.

30  Herb Garden Ideas

Permaculture Ideas: Foods that will Re-Grow from your Kitchen Scraps. Also read this article, 16 Foods that Re-Grow from kitchen scraps

Some helpful tips for growing Green Beans

What’s a garden without green beans? Everything you need to know to grow green beans, snap beans, or string beans. Easy to grow and you should have beans to eat in 45 – 75 days. How to grow green beans in your home garden