Mason jars have become so versatile - love this idea. DIY Home Decor with Mason Jars and Reclaimed Wood

fence board DIY sign

Awww- I love this sign for a baby's room.You are loved always sign. Made with 8 pieces of wood fence boards & black paint. Could place in kid's room, master bedroom, or family room.

Broken CDs

Break old CDs to create a mosaic frame. Love the way it reflects light. this would make an awesome mirror frame! OR frame a builder grade mirror in your bathroom!

tree trunk bowls! these are so cool

eco-friendly designer wood bowls made out of logs. Naturally different sizes of logs gives different sizes to the bowls.--- i desire your bowls!

wall desk wood work

More work room on this desk than a lot of 'em, but is smaller when the laptop ledge is closed up. Cool and compact, the Ledge is a multi-use, wall-mounted unit that can serve as a writing desk or media center.

wine cork chair

make a wine cork chair, good for your first apartment in you are in to wine and can't afford furniture--- this would take a lot of corks. If you're only using corks from wine you drink, maybe don't buy so much wine and you could afford furniture!

Milk Jug Ghost

Recycled Milk Jug GHOST decorations with Mini-Tutorial - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS - I made these cute little spooky guys in about 20 minutes if you include paint-drying time. =) They look GREAT and glow like crazy but of course, my ce


Handmade Art on Etsy - SALE Concentric Pattern Cork Mosaic Tile Set of 2 by ReDesignTechnologies

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