little sweetie!

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i love this cat.

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Can you see me?

a quieter storm

Beauty of Purple

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Let sleeping bears sleeeep.. #pixiecrystals #nature

That can’t be comfortable by catnip254 at FunkySafari

Santorini cat, Greece



Club Fashionista

^..^ curly hair calico kitten

Wishful thinking

This is an astonishing picture. Probably one of my favorites I’ve ever posted.

Kittens Pop Up in the Oddest Places!

20 Cats in bridal costume

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Cool Cat

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~ Fabulous ~ so sweet!

~ Fabulous ~

Russian Blue Kitten! LOL

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Oompa loompa doobeedeedoo, here's a bird that looks like violet beauregarde for you! (Mountain Bluebird)

Mountain Bluebirds


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Kitten with pink ears.

We Love Cats!:

the cat thats prettier then most humans. - Imgur

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<3 Contentment

Shivering Sheep

The birth of one of the world's rarest creatures was celebrated this week at North Korea's Pyongyang People's Zoo. The Fennec Hare is on the brink of extinction with only a handful remaining in captivity. Movingly adorable - and does look like a bunny-cat!

Endangered Fennec Hare Born at Korea Zoo

husky puppy!

Husky Puppy