Granny Squares

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a crocheted square with multicolored squares on it
Mitered Granny Square
Mitered Granny Square
a blue and white crocheted square on a polka dot tablecloth
several balls of yarn in a basket with crochet flowers on them and one ball of yarn next to it
Daisy Square Tutorial
Daisy Square Tutorial.
an image of a book shelf with books on it and the words prsclid's crochet
Lots of great free Granny Square patterns
a crocheted square with a pink flower on the front and white border around it
~ 4-hearts square (ice cream & cupcakes too) ~
three crocheted squares are sitting on a plaid tablecloth, one is red and the other is green
Christal's Crochet
four crocheted coasters are arranged on a white tablecloth with yellow, purple, and green circles
a crocheted square with a blue and yellow flower in the center on a white surface
Free Crochet Pattern: Dimensional Flower Granny Square