Skeleton Meat and Cheese Platter

5 Ways to Enhance Your Halloween Party

Halloween skeleton meat and cheese platter. Brett's ideas for food at the Halloween party this year were simple, but very creative in my opinion.

Skull cucumbers; halloween food

Skull Cucumber Pickles

pepiono esqueñeto, carabela, comida halloween, Halloween Snack - Skull Cucumbers - Use a Skull Cookie Cutter to create the Skulls

bones premiere spring 2016 serving table (Wow, someone is very creative!) Kind of gross and at the same time very cool!

Halloween Serving Table - The woman who did this said it was actually for a Walking Dead season premiere party. but awesome idea for Halloween!

Phalange cupcakes bones premiere spring 2016

Super Delicious and Creepy Cupcakes with doctored Cake Mix and Homemade Chocolate Buttercream Frosting!

bones premiere spring 2016

I thought a forensics (James Bond/CSI) theme cub scout pack meeting would bee cool. I am thinking about a round robin style event, where dens spent minutes at each station.

bones premiere spring 2016

Dr Party Nurses DARLING ideas for a small get-well medical bag. Pretzel stick thermometers, jello-filled shot syringes, candy filled prescription bottles and more. Party Frosting: Medica/Nurse/Doctor Graduation party ideas and inspiration

Bones premiere part spring 2016

Crime Lab Halloween Party for Adults

bones premiere spring 2016

Cake Skeleton Template Instructions

Easy Skeleton Template Instructions for Halloween Cakes

bones premiere spring 2016

Medical laboratory and biomedical science: Lab Theme Party Appetizers Graduation,Halloween,let's have a party,

skeleton plate set

Macabre and Cheese Plate Set by Chronicle Books - Black, Skulls, Better, White, Halloween

Many interns have walked the halls of the Jeffersonian in the past 10 seasons of Bones. Can you remember all of them and their stories? Look back with us!

10 Seasons of Squinterns. Many interns have walked the halls of the Jeffersonian in the past 10 seasons of Bones.