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Vintage Hawaii surf girls

70's decor...and EVERYBODY I knew had them

Janis Joplin

Father Knows Best: Shows hierarchy of family during the 1950s

Every house on the block had a TV antenna?

We made crafts from popsicle sticks-late 50's...I remember making this one!

Making sequin and beaded Christmas ornaments created on a styrofoam ball.

Remember when people could smoke in Mcdonalds? I remember when the smallest section of McDonald's was for non smokers. Times have changed.

Do you remember making flowers out of Kleenex?

Do you girls remember these contraptions? Panty hose were the best invention.

vintage train case. I still have one in blue. Indestructible!

Queen for a Day

Gym suits. Mine was green and we called it a "monkey suit"

Keys to open SPAM

change belt.- Car hops wore these to give you your change.

I still have mine