Cantidad de Azucar por tipo de alimento.

How much sugar are you consuming?

The Amount Of Sugar In Food, Expressed In Sugar Cubes. A thing to keep in mind is natural sugar is better than artificial sugar.

Know what you are eating :)

[Health] Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs->>> know the difference! this is important to me, because i have hypoglycemic symptoms, so i need to eat lots of GOOD carbs, and a ton of protein!

Paleo healthy snacks for travel! Eat clean while on a road-trip! Child approved! #ad # BH #squeezeorspoon

Paleo healthy snacks for travel, Eat clean while on a road-trip, Child approved -works for everyone

Top 10 Healthy Foods You Should Eat Everyday #diet #nutrition #health

We found this infographic to be very interesting. So how about some yogurt for todays' breakfast? Food to eat everyday, healthy eating, clean living. Top 10 Healthy food you should everyday.

Belly Fat: Here are some essential foods that burns fat that fat around your belly.

Top 10 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

6 super healthy foods that helps with weight loss! Make sure to add these to your clean healthy eating plan. The grapefruit was intriguing to me.

Healthy snacks

Love the idea of the 21 day fix but I'm all about the Herbalife products! Snack Prep on Healthy Momma! How to plan snacks and meals for the whole week to stay healthy! Great tips!

Healthy Plate Infographic

the myplate. i wanna make my plate like this it would rock to have a healthy plate and know it!

Os segredos do metabolismo

Os segredos do metabolismo (dias de uma princesa)

Eating Healthy.

Does Bacon Cause Cancer? Cancer foods v anti cancer foods. I love alomost all of the cancer causing foods and dont even know what 2 of the anti-cancer foods are.