shawn mendes :-)

Shawn Mendes Photos Photos: Press Room at the MuchMusic Video Awards

Shawn Mendes Photos Photos - Shawn Mendes arrives at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards at MuchMusic HQ on June 2014 in Toronto, Canada. - Press Room at the MuchMusic Video Awards


: “Imagine you are sitting in a seat just minding your own business, then you look around and make eye contact with Shawn and then he does this. Oh ma gosh y do I do this Stawp being so frickin adorable ”


Im a Shawn girl. Yes i love this lane!


Idrc if you're getting annoyed with me always pinning Shawn Mendes pics😏

lazy eye loml

Magazines better not fix his lazy eye when he becomes more known we [you know who y'all are] will be so mad<<<i love his lazy eye

Shawn Mendes Twitter header

Yassss do it


♡♡♡ the first thing I saw on this pic was how perfect his teeth are. Just perfff


Similar thing happened to me, but we were driving around the mall and a guy comes out of the back of a store and gets on his phone. He looked exactly like Shawn, and I literally flipped around in my seat so fast I lost my breath.


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