Temporary Tattoos! I think I'll do this. I've had a few tattoo ideas that I've been craving but I wasn't sure where to put it or if it would look nice. Love this!

Make a sharpie tattoo that lasts a month. I want to do this! We'll see if it lasts a month. Be a good idea before actually gettin a tattoo so you can see how it will look and if u still like it or not

Are you itching to get a new piercing? We can scratch that itch for you, come in on this lovely Saturday and get some work done! basic piercings for $25 !!!!

Ear Piercing Chart _ I would like to get my forward helix done on my right ear and my helix on my left.

Damn right -.-

Nothing matters anymore.all I want is to die & never return to this world.sleep & never wake up! I have been feeling like this for 5 years already

Tree Tattoo, love the filigree style.

Tree of Life Tattoo Designs For Women Tree tattoo patters and designs are among the most versatile there are out there, as the variety of tr.

harry potter tattoo. Follow the spiders... Why could it be follow the butterflies

Exactly one year ago my best friend and I had just finished spending 4 days camping in Trafalgar Square with some of the greatest people you will ever meet - die hard Harry Potter fans - at the.

I can't seem to find a picture of the piercing I wanna get on someone so I thought I'd just upload this one with different "bites". I'm kinda going for either shark bites or spider bites.

I like the snake, spider, and shark bites. Though, if I do get my lip pierced, it will most likely be snake bites or one spider bite.