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Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson
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Embroidery Scissors, Metal Box, Vibrant, Etsy Shop

Gingher embroidery scissors are great quality, and the designer series are great collector's items!

Embroidery Scissors, Sewing Studio, Etsy Shop

Show off your American pride with this cute pair of Gingher collectible embroidery series!

Another super cute pair of collectible embroidery scissors from Gingher!

These were a limited edition that I only ever found at Joann Fabrics in I can't even find this size for sale online anywhere else.

Items similar to Boo Beaded Halloween Necklace on Etsy

From these are another in the line of Gingher designer series embroidery scissors. Not only are they cute, but they're great quality and very functional.

Embroidery Scissors, Etsy Shop