I nerded all over the floor

Mainly Star Wars, BBT, Firefly, or anything multi-fandom. Doctor Who and Sherlock have their own board.
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Honest time, Steve Harrington is the hunter and father that John Winchester should have been.

Lol Stranger Things memes are the best

AhahI finally finished watching the last two episodes of Stranger Things. who has watched it?

I don't watch stranger things but I keep finding funny things about it what the heck😂

stranger things | Tumblr

daily life of a dizzy fangirl — captbexx: Steve & Dustin XD soon available in my.<<<This fanart is so cute! I wish I was this talented!

Your move, Netflix. #StrangerThings

Or, Steve knocking on the Wheeler's door and Nancy answers, gets flustered and asked what he's doing there. He rolls his eyes and says "Relax Nancy, I'm here to see the kids.